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What to Expect

Preparing for your stay

We want you to be comfortable and equipped during your stay. The following is a list of items you may need during your stay at our Hospital. 

The following information is helpful in your treatment at our Hospital. Please bring: 

  • List of current medications 
  • ID and Insurance Card 
  • Contact information for health providers/partners in care

A River Bend Hospital team member will inspect all of your belongings during the admission process. Your items will be secured in the lockers at the front desk as they are not allowed on the Unit. You will wear your clothing while you are receiving treatment; however, please limit the number of items that you bring. The clothing should be weather appropriate and in good condition with no tears and adequate coverage.

Clothing Suggestions

We suggest three changes of the following types of clothing: 

  • Shirts (should not include inappropriate themes like violence, drugs, alcohol, or sayings)
  • Pants/Shorts (fingertip length) 
  • Underwear 
  • Socks 
  • Bring a sweatshirt or sweater 
  • Nightgowns or pajamas - preferably without strings or belts
  • Slippers 
  • Comfortable shoes - preferably without shoe-laces 
  • In colder weather seasons bring a coat and gloves

Please bring your assistive devices like glasses, dentures, or hearing aids.

Prohibited Items

Items that are prohibited: 

  • Anything high monetary value like cameras or videos equipment 
  • Electrical appliances (hairdryers, curling irons, razors, etc.) 
  • Aerosol cans and highly flammable materials (glues, paints) 
  • Glass of any kind 
  • Matches or lighters 
  • Scissors, knitting needles 
  • Nylon hosiery 
  • Plastic bags 
  • Belts, neckties 
  • Toiletries like bladed razors, metal nail files, manicure items 
  • Musical instruments
  • Hangers of any type 
  • Any type of tools or knives 
  • Recording equipment like cameras, video or cassette tapes 
  • Strings or ties on clothing over 12 inches (including drawstrings on pants or sweat suits unless sewn in) and shoe strings longer than 16 inches 
  • Potential weapons and bullets 
  • Heavy boots (steel-toed, cowboy)

During your stay

Inpatient treatment at River Bend Hospital is your first step to function better and transition to care in an outpatient setting. Inpatient treatment may involve medication, counseling and lifestyle improvements. Your inpatient treatment may include: 

  • 24-hour advanced nursing care 
  • Interdisciplinary treatment in a highly-structured, supervised environment 
  • Daily visits with our psychiatrist 
  • Individual and group therapy sessions 
  • Recreational therapy 
  • Medication management by board-certified psychiatrists
  • Transition and aftercare planning

Transition of care

Following your discharge from River Bend Hospital, you will receive a referral to outpatient support services. You may need ongoing treatment in an outpatient setting. Even with therapy, most individuals have symptoms which come and go throughout their life and may need to stay on medication or be in treatment indefinitely.